Sunday, October 31, 2010

Reckless Aggression Demo Review

So the Bridge 9 board has been abuzz with posts about this band from Australia featuring a skinhead singer named "Meatdog" which he has tattooed on his head, along with a big spider. I hear the guy's zine is pretty popular too, featuring artwork like chicks blowing vikings by the light of the full moon and shit like that haha. Among some of newer bands that have been coming out lately featuring Oi/Streetpunk with hardcore influences, they do it well. All of these bands seem to be heavily influenced by 86 Mentality, which is a good thing as they are responsible for some of the best records of the decade. Too bad they never did an LP. Anyway, the vocals on this are rough and angry, not sure what the lyrics are about, I'd be interested to see if they are the standard boots and blood fare, or if there's something more to them. The drums really stand out on this recording, they just have this big crispy sounds that just kind of smacks you in the face over and over again, and they got some tough guitar riffs going on. This band would be great to see in a basement (like albion house) while swilling cheap beer and jumping around. I'd say the band is more on the Oi end of the spectrum of all these new Oi-Core bands sprouting up. They also throw in a 4-Skins cover, which was alright but nothing great, I like the originals better. In conclusion, good demo from this up and coming band. Hopefully they'll tour the states soon, I know there's a demand for them as more and more people are getting stoked on this band. I say keep all the new bands of this style coming. I haven't been too impressed with anything else that's come out in recent memory, and these bands are getting me excited about shit again.

There was a period where I went through a complete draught, not liking ANY bands that were coming out, even as everyone else was crawling up these band's assholes. One thing you can count on with this blog/my zines is my unadulterated opinion. It may not always be what you want to hear, but at least I'm honest and upfront instead of patting you on the back and telling you insincerely that I like your band. I've told friends I don't like their band plenty of times before. You gotta keep it real. If you're not keeping it real, you're keeping it WRONG.

Download the Demo from the link below. (Thanks to poster "lawlznorder" on the B9 board for providing the link):

Reckless Aggression Demo

Oh yea, here's an image of the back cover of Meatdog's zine and a Reckless Aggression live set for your enjoyment:

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