Thursday, September 30, 2010

These put me in a good mood.

A classic house song by David Morales "Needin U". Too many dudes in the video, Ibiza still looks awesome though.

David Morales "Needin U" (Vocal Mix)

I'm starting to like this one better. Beautiful Soulfull vocals.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Been getting some good buds lately....

Shit thats been around:

Sour Diesel
Sour Diesel x Master Kush
Grand Daddy Purple
Nameless Purple Dro

Both the Sour Diesel Hybrid and the GDP were excellent. Great flavor on both. The regular SD tasted like sour lemon lime candy, the hybrid has a similar taste, but got you a lot higher. I love purple buds as they usually taste really good, and last a loooong time. Also, I smoked some of what I was told was "Super Lemon Haze Hash". I didn't it was anything special and at 90 bucks an eighth, was way too expensive.Usually you gotta pay to get quality buds, but the market around here is just ridiculous. My latest purchase was the purple dro which is good but overpriced as usual. Sometimes it sucks living in the MW, we get great bud, but you gotta be willing to invest some money to smoke good. I'm about to roll up a lil joint of that purp and watch some Always Sunny.... reruns on

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


A couple weeks back I participated in the filming of a zombie film. My friend Megadeth John picked me up, and we smoked a joint on the way to the city, stopping along the way to pick up a couple Four Loko's. We met up with Fabian (The drummer of John's band) and his girl Donna, plus a few other dudes up at the band's practice spot on 16th and Western. After smoking a bit more weed, Donna started to apply my "corpse paint", which included a nasty head laceration and a broken nose. We left the practice spot, grabbed some beers from the store, then found a viaduct in Pilsen and started filming under it. We filmed a bunch of attack scenes where "Zombie Hunters" stumbled upon a zombie under the dark viaduct and start to "beat" me with various weapons including shovels, baseball bats and pick-axes. It was fun.The cops came about 10 times. They said they had recieved a ton of calls about someone getting beat up really bad under the viaduct. We explained what we were doing and they were cool about it. The only close call was this one cop who jumped out of his car and ordered everyone with weapons to put them on the ground. Once he was told what was going on he chilled out considerably and left. It took me forever to wrangle these pictures away from Fabian, but I finally got him to come through. He did throw a huge watermark on it though, I don't think anyone cares enough to try to capitalize on Zombie photos of me, but whatever. Here's some of the pics:

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Interview with "Dudeman"

This is an interview I did with this guy called "dudeman". He's friends with my friend Baker and he's an eccentric dude to say the least. He's homeless right now, and spends his time doing massive amounts of various drugs. How he gets the money for all this shit I have no idea. Maybe I don't want know. The interview took place at a mutual friends house. Dudeman came over and informed us that he was tripping balls. He busted out some Molly (MDMA) and gave me a free hit which surprised me...a generous gesture on his part. We did the interview, and when we finished up, he then busted out a jar of Vick's Vapo-Rub, smeared some on a t shirt, and tied it around his face like some sort of mask. As time went on he started writhing around like someone with a traumatic brain injury, it looked like something out of a Marilyn Manson video. i asked him if he was alright and he just gave me a thumbs up while sitting there tweaking haha. That's my little introduction to Dudeman. here's the interview:

#'s: Alright I got Dudeman with me, who are you Dudeman?

Dudeman: I'm Dudeman, crazy, bald, raver, drug dude,writer, philosopher, crazy dude, La Grange.

#'s: What drugs are you on tonight?

Dudeman: I'm currently on probably about like 600 micro grams of LSD, 300 mg of MDMA,umm I took an adderall way earlier, I took a quarter of a xanax in the early afternoon, I've been smoking on and off all day, I think I did a few bumps of yay earlier but that's long gone, fuckin...I smoked a rock earlier when I went to get my dope, and I got 5 bags of heroin which I've already done, and I'm pretty sure I'm missing out on some drugs because I always forget.

#'s: So is this cornucopia of illicit substances a typical day in the life of Dudeman?

Dudeman: Yea there's at least 4 or 5 of these a month, probably more like 2 or 3 a week haha.

#'s: How are you feeling right now?

Dudeman: I feel really good, I feel really detached. I dont see as many visuals as normal...I'm not sure if it's the depletion of the acid or my over-use of acid. It's like instead of the foreground things I's the thoughts that work their way in behind, like through the back doors like sneaking sneaking into the movie theater of my mind and altering the playlist you what's going on, and that's how they creep their way in.

#'s: What's your drug of choice?

Dudeman: I would definitely say for daily use, dope and a close second would be meth for daily use, but the best drugs are psychedelics by far. LSD's a good staple that you can use a few times a week and a lot of people can handle it so overall for general society I'd recommed LSD as an "everybody should try it" type least at a low dose.

#'s: Do you like Mushrooms or Acid better?

Dudeman: Acid, because I have a strong mind in that aspect and I can control it and I like the adventure of it more. Acid's such a powerful chemical (he mumbles some really weird shit that doesn't make any sense).

#'s: What's the most acid you've ever taken?

Dudeman: The most I've ever taken at once is 12, and then I took umm 13 more throughout the rest of that day, so I took 25 in a 24 hour period. I've also been up for 3 days on a crystal meth binge and I done an 8 ball of meth throughout that time and I did like 30 bags of heroin during that time and was doing a quarter oz of coke a day....I forgot we were also into hard liquor so everyday day at my house we'd drink about 2-3 liters....somewhere around there. I sold weed and had weird hallucinogens for sale.

Dudeman: Molly magnifies the shit out of weed.

#'s: What are your thoughts on Molly (MDMA) ?

Dudeman: I like Molly a lot....with Molly you can add your own drugs to the extacy, and I kind of like X when is pre-made so I know what it is....but I'd rather have Molly when I can get my own drugs to add to it, that way I know what adulterants I'm putting on my own drugs for myself to consume, not what some dealer thinks the ratio should be, I want to make my own ratio because I'm well educated enough and I spend enough time on drugs, I researched them almost every day, because I'm a drug nerd, the opposite of what you call....

Baker: Drug Monkeys! They don't know anything about drugs but act like they do. The type of person who will sell Piperazines and be like "yea man, I got everyone at the party rolling....."

#'s: With all this consumption of epic are you not dead yet?

Dudeman: This isn't really even that epic for me, I've done this many times. Look at all the people in their 60's and 70's they're all fine. People from rock bands still do drugs. The ones who quit doing drugs are the ones that are bad, look at Aerosmith, they stopped doing dope and even by their own fan's standards they're terrible now.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Maybe you've seen this before. I saw it on Tosh.O and it's ridiculously funny. It's a Ugandan Propaganda meeting against Homosexuality. You gotta watch it for yourself. I can't even believe this is real.

Saturday, September 11, 2010



Friday, September 10, 2010

Nardwuar Vs. Nas

Funny ass interview. Nas's reaction to Nardwuar pulling out an MC Serch clock is is the ending. Watch it.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Show last Tuesday, Cyborg, Noose, Thought Crusade etc.

This show was a lot of fun. I expected more people to be there since there hasn't been a show for awhile (at least one that I'm interested in), but I guess everyone had class or whatever. Diego and Evan came en route from class, I think they got there halfway through THought Crusade....the last band haha. Cyborg opened up the show.....Caution's new band. They played similar to Weekend Nachos but John's voice is a little higher....slightly more punk sounding, good shit. They had really powerful and heavy mid-to slow tempo parts. Good drumming etc. Stoked to see these dudes again. I stayed outside for Noose. Bucky the singer is a cool dude but his new band doesn't really do it for me. I guess lots of other people like em though. I missed Wolf Trap, or Bear Trap or whatever from Boston. Was hangin' outside with my dudes. Thought Crusade showed up, played a quick set and booked real fast. i guess Ben's shit got stolen out of the van or something. Sucks.


Went to dinner at Taco Grill on Ogden Ave. in Westmont today. It was absolutely delicious. I got an Al Pastor taco and a Chorizo taco, the Chorizo being exceptionally good while the pork one was a little dry but still otherwise delectable. The sauce bar there is on fucking point, it seems like they always have a new kind of sauce for you to try, most of them being very spicy which I love. The chips taste a little too much like Fritos, but who cares when they have so many different sauces for you to try.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Mexican Restaurants.....

1. Zacatacos on Cermak in Cicero- This place has been voted the #1 Chicagoland area taco by various newspapers. They're not far from the mark, this place has the BEST Al Pastor I've ever tasted. You can tell it's been ultra-slowly marinated and is packed with flavor. Small bits of pineapple make the Al Pastor a little sweet, but it's also highly savory. My only bone to pick with this place is that the Salsa is good but not great.

2. Los Burritos Tapatios on Ogden Ave in Downers Grove-This is my go to local place for high quality mexican food that is lightning fast, cheap and comes with great service if you dine in. There's also a totally cute waitress who I think has a crush on me, the problem is I don't speak spanish so I don't really know how to holler at her. Anyways, my favorite thing to get here is the Chorizo and Egg Torta. Excellent sandwich. They also have great homemade tortilla chips, and the the salsas are excellent. They even added a new sauce/salsa to the original too, I think it's a Chipotle sauce....very good and kudos to them for changing things up a bit and giving the customer a little more. If I'm short of money I'll get a steak taco, and an order of rice. Together with the chips you can get filled up for $4 bucks including tip. Can't beat that. Oh yea, don't go to the location in Wheaton, they have extremely surly and rude waitresses there. I'm pretty easy going but this lady treated me like shit after I come in there every day for lunch and tipped well. I let the manager know that I'm never eating at this place again due to the shitty attitude of that one particular waitress, then walked out and never came back.

3. Taco Grill on Ogden Ave in Westmont-Don't let the boring name fool you, these guys pump out out some highly flavorful mexican delights. They also have certain types of tacos which aren't usually found elsewhere such as a mexican pork chop taco, and other things along those lines. You can tell everything has been slow marinated, and nearly everything here is packed with flavor. One of the things that sets this place apart from other is that they have a salsa bar with about 16 different types of salsa varying from extremely mild to extremely hot (though for me they're not that hot because I'm so used to drenching everything in hot sauce). The only downsides to this restaurant are that the chips aren't as good as other places, and their tortas are made in a different style and are kind of weird.)

One more thing: What's the deal with some Mexican places not serving tortilla chips and salsa during the meal? If I find out that a place doesn't have chips I'll turn around and walk out. To me....delicious chips and salsa are a huge reason why I go to Mexican restaurants anyway. To take that away is just ridiculous, and I'm sure that cuts down on business because I know there's others like me all over the place. My advice is to boycott these places and letting the management know WHY you're boycotting the place. Maybe then they will see the error of their ways and hop on the chip wagon like they should.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I'm sick today....

This sucks. What the hell kind of shit could be going around while it's still hot out? I shouldn't have shared that blunt with Katie.