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Would you like to participate in a Psychedelic Research Survey from The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine? Takes a relatively short amount of time and has the potential to further research in an area that sorely needs it. The actual survey deals with psilocybin's capacity to induce mystical experiences and improve one's quality of life. Please take the time to complete survey accurately and honestly. Things like this are important to me. Thank you, Charlie #'s The Night Owl Blog

The Great Sauce Swindle

Ok, this one pissed me off. Apparently the only reason the dipping sauce is called "Mild 2 Wild" Sauce is so that TGI Fuckups can trick you into thinking this comes with TWO dipping sauces and not one....which was pretty much its selling point for me. This just struck me as so cheesy and downright deceptive I had to post something about it. I won't be purchasing any more items from TGIF....not that I should anyway, the stuff is fucking now you know that not only do they have shitty food, but shitty advertising ploys as well. Avoid, avoid, avoid.

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The other day I checked my email and got a letter from a dude named Will who has a musical project called "Thunderegg". I gave it a listen, and quite enjoyed the catchy straightforward melodies he rocks and dug the vibe of the whole thing. This is the title track called "Not What I Meant, which is from the album of the same name and was recorded on a 4 track in his apartment. For more information contact him at Here's the bandcamp link:

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