Friday, May 28, 2010

Night Owl Print Zine Back Issue #5

Features a couple record reviews, a rant about metalheads (well, some metalheads), and on the back page, an interview with Ex- Plan of Attack Vocalist/Current Full-Time Tattoo Artist at Family Tattoo in Chicago, IL; Bill Smiles. I used a lot of funny graphics from old High Times magazines from the 70's on this one.

The Baldies

An old news article about an old Skinhead Crew called The Baldies.It's a fairly run of the mill skinhead article but still interesting, and worth checking out. Check it out here.

Chicago Shows of the Past.....Flyers and Photos

Shows at DePaul were always memorable. It was an awesome venue, bands played in classrooms and when a good show like this came through, good vibes were always abundant. There's just something about Depaul shows that made people get crazier and mosh harder than they would at other venues.

These are from the last Few and The Proud Show:

I don't think I attended this one. Great lineup though.

Thanks to Michael Morrissey for sending me the flyers.

The photos above are from the last Few and The Proud Show at Galaxie....the show had kind of a weird vibe. It didn't seem like too many people went off for them. Most last shows in Chicago are crazier and way more well attended.

James of Harms Way

Harms Way at a Halloween Show, pretty sure it was Halloween '08

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Free Bum Beer!

So after the Thought Crusade/Weekend Nachos show last night, me and my friend Bucky went to that combination hotdog/hamburger/falafel place down the street from The Beat Kitchen on Belmont. We both ordered Falafels and fries and sat down to wait for our order. I didn't notice at first, but right behind me there was some drunk dude passed out at the table. The staff tried to rouse him and finally got him awake....but began to have trouble getting him to leave. The bum started cussing out one of the employees and started to become belligerent. Bucky stepped up and tried to get the guy to chill out, which caused this guy to get up in Bucky's face and start to cuss him out too. By now I had had enough of this guy's shenanigans so I helped the employee push/drag this guy out of the premises. Normally I wouldn't have gotten involved, but he was up in my friend's face and I don't take kindly to that sort of thing. So anyway after dragging/pushing him out, this guy wants to throw down with me. I wanted to stick him in the face real bad, but this guy could barely stand and I'm not a total asshole/bully so I walked back inside to get my falafel.. He left 2 six packs of Natural Ice in the store which I taxed. Me and Bucky got our food and bailed out, I don't need to catch a case over some moron who can't handle his liquor. It's alright though, I can handle it for him. Cheers!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Chicago Hardcore Shows of The Past......

Albion House
Tuesday, January 5th, 2010
Mammoth Grinder
Dead City
Thought Crusade

I remember going to this show on a whim because my friend Megadeth John called me up out of the blue and asked me if I wanted to go. I don't even think I knew Thought Crusade ("Though Crusade" according to this flyer haha) was on the bill.....but became immediately excited when I learned that they were. I had also heard good things about Mammoth Grinder, mainly their musical resemblance to Entombed (A Swedish Death Metal band that's heavy as fuck). John picked me up with our other friend Brent and started to head over to Albion House, When we arrived, there was already a decent amount of eople . The night was a cold one so most people were bundled u in their Winter finery, and socializing in the back yard. The old Albion House crowd seemed to have been mildly displaced by a more hipsterish element, it didn't detract from the show though. A band named Regrets was up first and played sort of fast, punkish hardcore stuff, which came off pretty boring. I get them confused with aother band called "Regress" from Chicago, probably because they're both boring. My boys, Thought Crusade were up next. They played a pretty good set, but weren't very well received. 3 people moshing including me. I'm really into this band so I'll usually be up front shouting along to every song and stomping around during the breaks.

Right before Mammoth Grinder went on, I smoked a quick joint out in the back yard. When I went back into the basement I was amazed to see full stacks set up....right then I knew the set would be good. Mammoth Grinder went on, and were heavy as fuck! The whole basement shook as the full stacks blasted out MG's fast grind parts coupled with slow, crushing, drum driven, evil funeral dirge parts which displayed a bit of doom metal influence. I like the description of their music on the Mammoth Grinder Myspace site...."Sounds like a door slamming in hell". That pretty much captures the vibe. The entire basement was headbanging in unison, something which was pretty cool to see. I liked the set so much that I bought a split EP with them and another band called Legion. The Legion side is pretty boring, but the Mammoth Grinder on the B-Side more than makes up for it with the awesome tracks "Anxiety Onset" and "Unnatural Death". I should also mention the layout for the record is really cool featuring some pretty grim cemetery photography. Anyways, this was a fun night. I almost always have a good time at Albion House shows. Even if the peripheral crowd which attends shows there has changed with the new owners there is always a "core" (Get it? Haha) group of Chicago HC kids which make it out to nearly every show held there, and build somewhat a sense of community around the place. More venues like this one please!

PS: Thanks to Michael Morrissey for providing the flyer for this show. .

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Next Level Shit

My best record score thus far.....

.....Leeway's "Born to Expire LP at $3.99. Bought it from a local record shop that sprang up out of nowhere in my area. The name of the place eludes me right now, I want to say something like Music Land or Music World or some shit like that.. This one gay dude in his late 30's/early 40's ran it, and he had pretty good taste....opting to stock various glam and punk rock, and lots of other cool stuff in a multitude of genres. I would drive over there once a week and dig through the shelves. Most of it was the same stuff week after week except for a surprise gem on occasion such as this one. My Mac iSight pictures get lots of glare for some reason, but you can still see the price tag on the upper left which still reads $3.99. I remember walking in on one of my weekly rounds and stumbling upon this.I could barely believe my eyes, I thought it was a mistake or something. Have you ever found something similarly underpriced and nervously brought it up to the front praying that it's not an error and that you can walk out of the store with it? When you make it out of that store with the record it's a great feeling.....definitely put me in a good mood for the next couple days. What a great album too....probably one of if not the best crossover records of all time. Sadly a business like this was destined to fail out in such a suburban location. The record buying market just wasn't there. I tried to support the place as best I could, and in return they supported me and the local music scene, letting me put up flyers for hardcore shows. In addition to this one, some of the other cool records I copped there:

Blondie S/T LP
Guns and Roses-Appetite for Destruction LP
Several Dogs D'Amour glam rock import LP's
Tim Dog-Fuck Compton 12" Single
The Dickies-Incredible Shrinking..... LP
X-Los Angeles LP
Lou Reed-Berlin LP

.....and some more that I'm sure I've forgotten. The one thing I regret is not buying The Crumbsuckers- Beast On My Back album. It was priced way cheap too but at that point in time I wasn't into them. It was fun having a spot that nobody knew about and hadn't been combed over by resellers and other rockers with good taste. I think most vinyl enthusiasts have secret record stores they don't tell anyone about so they don't arrive to find all the choice slabs of vinyl picked clean off the shelf. My main secret record store is still going strong, but this one was a good supplement to it for awhile.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Pussy of the Month Club: May Edition

For this month, the feature has been changed to pussies of the month. This video is probably one of the gayest things I've ever seen. A bunch of spindly nerds gathered in a circle prattling on about gender politics in the punk scene and a bunch of other boring crap. It's hippies like these who suck the life and fun out of punk rock and try to co-opt it for their "revolutionary movement". First comment from the board I originally found this on....."I remember the good old days when we used to set people like this on fire". Haha.

Night Owl Burger Contest

I've yet to hear of anyone sharing in the glory and splendor of this wonderful food creation as detailed in The Night Owl #4 (print version). It's very simple to make, cook a hamburger to the level of your choosing, and instead of using buns, use two square slices of pizza with the crust on the outside of both sides. Send in a picture of you eating one of these and you'll win a prize. Hurry up before Matt Clark wins it!

Send submissions to:

"Ray stumbled out of an alley where he had been beaten unconscious. He was still holding the mridunga drum he had been chanting prayers with....."

The quote above always cracks me up. The story you're about to read is so over the top I find myself questioning the reality of it, but then again I wasn't around in the 90's. It's the story of Shelter (Ray Cappo of Youth of Today's band) catching a beatdown from some thug types. Miraculously Ray survived the whole ordeal by clutching his mjunga jumumba drum and chanting prayers to Lord Krishna to spare him. Note to self....pick up a majumbo drum and feverishly pray for divine intervention next time I'm catching a beatdown. Chances are the assailants will stop the assault....probably because they think I'm a nutjob about to stab them in the face with a rusty skrewdriver.

Here's the full text....go to the link for a couple more pictures.

Shelter Beatdown Story Original Link w/ Pics

"Shelter show. Buffalo, NY. Summer, 1992.
I sat, no “collapsed” on the stage floor and leaned back into the Marshall cabinet grill. The show was hot, sweaty, exhausting and awesome, and now it was time for me to take a well-deserved break and let Bhakta Tony take over his duties of packing the gear. It was an odd club, an old converted warehouse that had a garage door built into the side of it, allowing bands to pull their vehicles right onto the dance floor to load and unload. Tony packed the drums into the van, now conveniently located two feet in front of the stage, and I closed my eyes and tried to get as much rest as I could before the all-night drive ahead of us. I was asleep for hardly five seconds before a loud voice jarred me awake. “Porcell, you’ve gotta come outside right now! There’s big trouble, man, BIG TROUBLE!!” our other roadie, Stain, petitioned. He was out of breath but still managed to yell the words. Without giving me a chance to reply, Stain immediately took off running towards the front door, leaving me pretty baffled. I got up wearily and headed towards the door to see what all the ruckus was about.
I expected maybe a fight between a couple of hardliners, or maybe an accident in the parking lot or something. But I wasn’t prepared for what I was about to see outside that door. My first vision was a literally huge, hulking guy dressed in total homeboy gear with a gun sticking out of his pants, shouting obscenities and threats over the crowd of terrified and helpless hardcore kids. He was flanked by about 15 drug dealer-types, all armed with guns, knives, bats and pipes, and in a complete rage. The first victim was a very young straight edge kid whose misfortune was to be within arm’s length of the leader. His nose exploded in blood under the guy’s fist. The poor kid fell backwards and bounced on the pavement, unconscious. The crowd started running like scared deer.
The gang immediately began their attack, splitting any head that came into their path. The leader grabbed the gun out of his pants and turned in my direction. Looking right at me, he tensed the muscles in his neck, bared his teeth and screamed “Who wantsa get shot?! WHO WANTSA GET SHOT?!!” There he was, not ten yards away from me – death personified. I froze. This was not what I had expected. The guy started towards me, raising his gun to firing position. Completely panicked, I rushed back into the club, running as fast as I could for the shelter of the van.
By this time, mayhem had erupted all around me. A lot of the hardcore kids had run back into the club, only to be followed by their attackers. I had a numb feeling in my gut as kids were being beaten and stabbed mercilessly everywhere I looked. Bodies lay unconscious. Blood flowed. I screamed at the rest of the band members to get in the van, as Bhakta Tony and I struggled to quickly load the remaining gear. Krishna Chaitanya, our bass player, scurried out from his hiding place underneath the van and jumped inside.
As the last amp was haphazardly thrown into the van, I jerked the sliding door closed, and Tony jumped into the driver’s seat and fumbled for the keys. Everyone was completely shaken up and no one knew if we were going to make it out of there alive. We all spontaneously started chanting prayers in unison to Lord Nrisimhadeva, the incarnation of Krishna who comes to protect His devotees. “Namaste narasimhaya prahladahlada-dayine” Tony finally found the keys and shoved them into the ignition. The van started alright, yet Tony yelled, “Oh no! I looked up. One of the gang members had pulled their car in front of the garage door opening. We were blocked in.
Just then, at our most vulnerable time, Mr. Death himself walked up to the passenger door, knocking on the window with his pistol. “Unlock this door or you’re all dead,” he said rather calmly, like he really meant it. Time stood still. Henry, who was in the passenger’s seat, leaned over to Tony and whispered, “Ram the car, Tony, ram it now.” Tony looked at me. I looked at Mr. Death. Mr. Death gave another, louder knock on the window with his gun.
The standoff was suddenly broken as a baseball bat smashed through the driver’s side window, shattering glass everywhere. Tony slammed the shifter into “drive” and floored it towards the garage door opening. One thug gave his last lick to the side of the van as it accelerated closer and closer to the parked car blocking the exit. I ducked down and readied for the crash.
All I heard next was a large and resounding “boom.” Luckily, our van was going so fast that it knocked their car almost clear across the parking lot. As we fled the scene, I had to smile as I looked out the back window and saw the gang-mobile with its whole side completely caved in from bumper to bumper. We did it. We were free.
Just psyched to be alive, we all started yelling and high-fiving with complete joy. The celebration ended all too quickly, though, when Tony deflated everything by asking, “Where’s Raghunath? Where’s Raghunath?!” A sinking feeling came over me. Ray was missing. Silence set over us as Tony u-turned the van in the opposite direction. We had to go back.
You can’t imagine our relief when we saw the flashing blue and red lights of police cars as we pulled back into the parking lot. All of us piled out of the van and bombarded the cops with questions, “Where’s our singer? Who were they? What happened?”
One officer related the story to us, a few not-so-bright hardcore kids were wandering around after the show in the surrounding neighborhood, which was an extremely dangerous and crime-ridden part of the city. Dressed all punk, they must’ve looked pretty funny to the locals, and sure enough, a carload of hoodlums laughed and made fun of the kids as they drove past. Feeling pretty tough after a few hours of playing “king of the pit,” one of punks made the horrible mistake of throwing his Snapple bottle at the car in retaliation. “The rest,” the officer said dryly, “is history.”
The gang had since fled back into the neighboring ghetto, yet the nightmare hadn’t ended, there was still no sign of Ray. We searched the club desperately, but he was nowhere to be found. Everyone was so upset that we were all yelling at once at the cops to do something, and they were yelling back that they were going to lock us up if we didn’t pipe down and cooperate. It was a mess. Finally, just as we were all at wit’s end, Ray stumbled out of an alley where he had been beaten unconscious. He was still holding the mridunga drum he had been chanting prayers with while the whole ordeal was going on, and both him and the drum were covered in blood.
He recounted his traumatic experience, he saw the crew heading for him with guns and bats and decided that this was it, the time of death. Accepting it as such, he just closed his eyes and started chanting and tried to concentrate his mind on Krishna. Even while being pounded with fists, boots and bats, he said he felt peaceful because Lord Krishna promises in the Bhagavad-gita that anyone who chants His name and remembers Him at the time of death will attain the supreme destination. It wasn’t his time this time, though, and he made it through alive. We all got back in the van and took off to the emergency room to get Ray stitched up.
The next day, it was business as usual as we headed down the highway for our next show, yet there was a heavy silence between us. It was obvious that the brush with death had made us all thoughtful and introspective. KC was the first to break the ice’ “Now we think we’re safe, that the danger’s over, but at any second we could die. Life and death, it’s just a matter of time.” I chanted on my beads with renewed inspiration to strive for what is spiritual and eternal.
“For the soul there is neither birth nor death at any time. He has not come into being, does not come into being and will not come into being. He is unborn, eternal, ever-existing and primeval. He is not slain when the body is slain.” (Bhagavad-gita 2.20)"

Friday, May 14, 2010

Lil Wyte-The Best Of.....Slowed

Lil Wyte reminds me of the sketchy wigger dude who lives down the street from me or the type of guy you'd be locked up in a holding cell with on the way to County Jail. Music-wise, his rap shit is really good though. He rolls (literally haha) with 3-6 Mafia/Hypnotized Minds and has a similar sound as them, yet with his own twist. Wyte's lyrics are pretty much about two things, popping pills and shooting people. This album is The Best Of Lil Wyte Slowed Down (Not Chopped and Screwed). The tracks sound even more badass slowed down, but I'd also check out the regular versions if you like this. This shit is great to smoke kush blunts and pop xanax bars to. Highly recommended by The Night Owl Dynasty. I'm really picky when it comes to rap nowadays, but when something catches my ear I take note, this dude's got the goods. He also seems to have entered the exclusive club of white people who can say "Nigger/a around black people without getting a beatdown on the spot. In order to download you just have to register for which is totally worth it anyway because they have a gajillion other mixtapes from pretty much every rap dj you can think of, and just takes a second. (Ok, maybe a minute.)

Download here (after quick registry)

PS: On a humorous note, look at his "Lil Wyte" tattoo, almost looks like an ICP tattoo that's been covered up/added onto haha. It just adds to his sketchiness.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pumping Iron

This is the movie which catapulted Arnold Schwarzenegger to stardom and brought the sport of body building to mainstream America. It's a look into the world of professional bodybuilders centering around such personalities as Arnold, Lou Ferrigno, Mike Katz and Ken Waller, focuses on the competitions in which they compete, and shows the various ways they try to psyche each other out before competitions. Lots of funny clips and quotes especially from Arnold, he refers to guys training in the gym as "little men" and just all around displays a gigantic's hard not to like him though. Arnold on working out:

"The greatest feeling you can get in a gym, or the most satisfying feeling you can get in the gym is... The Pump. Let's say you train your biceps. Blood is rushing into your muscles and that's what we call The Pump. You muscles get a really tight feeling, like your skin is going to explode any minute, and it's really tight - it's like somebody blowing air into it, into your muscle. It just blows up, and it feels really different. It feels fantastic.
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[continuing about The Pump]
Arnold Schwarzenegger: It's as satisfying to me as, uh, coming is, you know? As, ah, having sex with a woman and coming. And so can you believe how much I am in heaven? I am like, uh, getting the feeling of coming in a gym, I'm getting the feeling of coming at home, I'm getting the feeling of coming backstage when I pump up, when I pose in front of 5,000 people, I get the same feeling, so I am coming day and night. I mean, it's terrific. Right? So you know, I am in heaven."

It's funny to think that he went on to become the Governor of California, especially after quotes like this, public marijuana use (in this film), and killing thousands of people in his other action movies. Parts of this movie were later made known to be exagerrated a bit for the film, such as some of the mind games between opponents, and the extent of Lou Ferrigno's dad being involved in his son's training. The joint that Arnold smoked at the end of the movie was indeed real though, and yes, he did inhale.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3;

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

Part 7:

Part 8:

Part 9:

Part 10:

Part 11:

Part 12:

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Big TakeOver Zine #5 Scan (Classic NYC Hardcore/Punk Zine)

Here's a scan of issue #5 of The Big TakeOver, the small photocopied punk zine from the early 80's that still exists in the incarnation of a glossy indie rock magazine. Lots of cool insight into the transition period in NYC between Punk Rock kind of dying out and Hardcore becoming more popular. On the back page there's a short review of a Stimulators/Bad Brains show at The Peppermint Lounge in NY, and the author bitches about fake tough guys acting hard and "attempts to turn the dancefloor into the mess that it is in L.A". Haha.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

NIght Owl Print Zine Back Issue #4

This is a copy of the 4th issue of the Night Owl that I released. As you can see I started to experiment with the layout a bit, achieving a much better visual aesthetic to add to the reading material. The front side features a couple brief record reviews (Backtrack and From the Chest) as well as a recipe for the delicious Night Owl Burger, seriously...this is a must try. Send in a picture of yourself eating a Night Owl Burger and you'll win a prize, a cool one...I promise. (Send in submissions to and drop me a comment in here so I can look out for it). Also included is a short history of the resurgence of "Skinhead Hardcore" and some of the bands that are leading the charge. The back page has an interview with the early lineup of Thought Crusade, when they were playing almost a completely different style than what they play now. It's all good though because I enjoy both sides of the band's sound....and now they are starting to include more Street punk/Oi influences into some of their new songs again. The interview is hilarious....some people found it sketchy.....not really sure why. People are so fucking sensitive sometimes....and I'm not the type of person to walk on eggshells in order to not offend anybody. Rest assured, The Night Owl always gives it to you raw.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Chicago Hardcore Shows of The Past......

I can't remember if I went to this show or not. I think I did but I was really drunk and can't remember it. I'd just to like to say that Punks definitely drink....a lot.

"Look at his face now!"

Everyone in this video sucks, but at least dude's last quote was funny. I would've embedded it but the code was fucked up for some reason.

Wow....just wow.

German people are fucking weird dude. Make sure you watch the whole thing.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The funniest things you've either said, or overheard during a fistfight?

I asked some of my friends and acquaintances this question. Here are the answers I got:

Ryan Wilson (Vocalist of Thought Crusade, ex-Expired Youth/Plan of Attack):

The funniest thing i have ever heard during a fight...."hey let go of my hair". Response: "it's a fight pussy"."

Shane (Guitarist of The Killer/Chicago Show Promoter)

"I have 2 off the top of my head, both involve Remis.

1 is Remis and myself at one of the Madison hardcore fests, probably about 7 years ago by now, as we were nearing meltdown stage with a local ruffian. He called us gay and we continued to chase him out of the venue telling him that we were indeed gay, and instead of fighting him we were going to fuck him. He had terror in his eyes at the thought of being attacked by 2 human bears in a sexual manner.

Number 2 is about 3 years ago at this fest in Iowa or Central IL I can't exactly remember....these 2 local Godsmack aficionados were about to rough each other up outside the club when Remis pops out of our van and jumps in between them playing the Spanish bullfight thing on the acoustic guitar. The two rockers did not know what to say."

Bill Smiles (Tattoo Artist at Family Tattoo in Chicago, ex-Plan of Attack)

"When i was in insult to injury, after practice one night, we went to a halloween house party in dekalb. my friend dave just got out of jail or something so he was trying to be super mellow... but this huge guy dressed like Walter Sobchak from big lebowski was trying to start shit with him. he kept putting his toy gun in dave's face. dave tried to push it out of his face and it broke and the guy got pissed and went for dave. this guy was like 6' 8" and dave didn't want to fight him... partly because he was so huge and partly because he was trying to stay out of trouble. so everyone tried to mellow this big dude out and he just snapped and threw all of us out of the way. but for some reason, tony was standing right there and just hit him square in the face and knocked him out with one punch. knowing that he was there with about 30 of his friends, i said "we gotta get out of here, i think tony just killed that guy." and we bolted. "

Anton (Underestimated Records/ex-Get it Away/Cool Dude):

"I once offered a guy a mint chip ice cream when he was threatening me.

That was pretty funny.

I also once threw tofu at a guy and told him to calm down in a restaurant. "

Frank (

"He's only 15! He's only 15!" - yelled by Tony Brummel as I was being beaten up by a bouncer at Medusa's during Agnostic Front."

Pearse McGrath (Bassist of The Rival Mob)

My favorite that I can think of off the top of my head is when a dude was pointing a gun at me on a rooftop in Brooklyn. His friend had a pipe and they had a dog with them. In the midst of this, my friend Jarrod walks over and starts petting the dog and saying "Guys, I'm in seminary school trying to become a priest, let's not do this" and it was way too hard to not start laughing. The other dudes are pissed because we are all just giggling like idiots. He then sneaks behind on them and grabs the pipe and the guy is like "whoa! let's talk this out man!" and he's like "Oh now you want to talk??" After everything calms down, my friend Jimmy is like "Yo, what are you guys up to tonight? You partying?" and their like "Nah, we gotta get to sleep."

Another quick one that sticks out is a fight I wasn't at but love hearing about. There was a show at some college and eventually there is a stand-off between the hardcore dudes and the local college kids. One of the college kids is like "Hey guys, violence isn't the solution" and DFJ (BHC man about town) just responds with the classic - "Violence is the only solution." And shit hits the fan and a huge brawl breaks out."


"Call Policia! Call Policia!"

"He hit me for no reason!"

I remember this one time when I was hanging out in Wicker Park. We were drinking on the street, running around being obnoxious punk rock kids. An old friend picked up a dead squirrel with a stick and threw it at some yuppie lady, it landed right in the fold of her hat and she started freaking out. I know I know we did some evil shit back then. This other yuppie guy walks out of flash taco with his food, sees the commotion and pulls out his cell phone and starts to call the police. My one friend "Bob" grabbed the phone out of his hand, my other friend Wurkel (We called him Wurkel because he looked/acted like a white urkel) grabs his burrito, opens it up and starts eating it in front of him haha. Dude just trudges away with a nasty grimace on his face, looking salty as hell.

Monday, May 3, 2010

No Tolerance Demo

This demo rules. Straight edge hardcore out of Boston, MA. Listen to it.

1. Intro/B.S.E.D.F.Y.
2. Boston Ex
3. Pay The Cost
4. Sentenced

Download Here

The Big TakeOver Zine #3 Scan (Classic NYC Hardcore/Punk Zine)

I found 4 of these at Reckless Records in Wicker Park. They appear to be originals. I scooped them up for a dollar apiece.These are The Big TakeOver's humble beginnings, a far cry from the indie hipster magazine it has turned into now. It's a cool snapshot of time in the early 80's New York scene....interesting reference to Harley Flanagan in his days as the 14 year old drummer of the punk/power pop band The Stimulators. Their song "Loud Fast Rules" is really good....easily the most memorable of their tunes. The guy who did this zine, Jack Rabid, was kind of like a super fan of theirs and wrote about them constantly. Anyways, I'll be scanning the rest of these soon.

Chicago Hardcore Shows of The Past......

My recollections of this show are kind of vague. The Butcher shop was a cool DIY venue that was around for awhile. I'm pretty sure one of the guys from the grindcore band Disrobe ran it. It was basically just a front room of an apartment in Pilsen with all the furniture cleared out. One thing I remember that was cool about it was that you could smoke there, and they even had one of those professional style ashtray post things up front by the door. People need to stop being such pussies about a few people smoking inside. I can understand hating on venues like The Lucky Gator Loft where there's wall to wall hipsters chain-smoking Newport 100's with little to no ventilation....but The Butcher shop seemed to have just the right amount of people where it didn't detract from the show and wasn't overwhelming. Anyways I got there late, just in time for Intifada. They play ultra fast thrashy southkore punk style stuff. Not my bag at all but they sounded ok that night. Matt Rolland's (Duress, Mindless Mutant Zine) band Stubborn Attitude played as well. It seems the whole point of this band is a soundtrack for everyone from Indiana (everywhere else too) to get retarded to. I remember lots of stuff flying around and Matt yelling obnoxious shit into the mic. He may or may not have attempted to throw a speaker as well.

The band I came to see, Coke Bust was up next. This DC Straight Edge Hardcore band plays blindingly fast, but in a different style than Intifada. The songs are short, fast, pissed off ragers and I derive amusement from a band that has lyrics like "We've gathered all our eggs and put them in a basket, when I die there will be an X on my casket". If I remember correctly this venue had a wooden floor and I could feel the reverberations of people stomping back and forth and just moshing in general for Coke Bust. They played a short, high energy set that left everyone there satisfied, pretty sure they also threw in a Youth of Today cover for good measure. I think this show is what got a lot of Chicago kids really stoked on this band. I think they were/are among the cream of the crop of new edge bands. Not sure what they're up to lately....I know they released an EP on ThirdxParty records entitled "Fuck Bar Culture", and I see them on flyers now and again, but haven't lately. Maybe they broke up? Anyways, this was a fun night. I want more DIY venues like this around the city, a draught of house/basement shows seems to have been going on lately....besides the void being filled by Albion House, I can't think of any others that consistently put on good shows. Plaines Projects was good for a minute but seems to have fallen off. Oh well, hopefully things will pick up again this summer.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Night Owl Print Zine Back Issue #3

This is issue number 3 of The Night Owl. I furthered my experimentation with different layouts adding flyers into the mix. The front side featured some assorted rants and record reviews...back page has an interview with a thrash band from the south side of Chicago called Vicious Attack. I always thought the Hell's Angels story was pretty funny. Also has a brief review of a metal show I attended.

Shitface McFuckenstein and The Reach Around Boys

Last night I went out to Memories Bar on Montrose and Cicero in Chicago to film my friend John's band Vicious Attack. Whenever they play shows they often play with some really terrible bands, but last night they played with a band who were quite possibly THE WORST band I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot of shitty live music in my time. The name above isn't really their name haha, I just made that one up when I was stoned last night. They're really called "Seven Year Existence" (I hope that's not a reference to how long they've been a band) and are from Champaign, IL. Their sound is an indistinguishable hodgepodge of generic thrash, and death metal....and the band uses every horrible metal cliche I can think of (Confederate Flags, Synchronized Head Banging, Liberal usage of "Metal Horns" etc.). Their songs are all 5 plus minutes in length too which further proves my theory that the worst bands usually play the longest. All night I was looking for an unintentionally funny band to film, I knew I had the one when they unveiled their Confederate Flag "7 Year Existence" logo on the kick drum. The video is basically 10 minutes of them sucking and me and my friend John making fun of them, we couldn't stop laughing the whole way through. The vocalist kept doing these weird power stance headbangs and his face was like, vibrating and shit. He looks like he takes his band really seriously. After the show, I could picture him going back home to the Trailor Park in Champaign and shooting heroin into his cock while watching Headbangers Ball.

Some highlights from the set:

:35 (During their long ass soundcheck)
"Who the fuck do they think they are, Led Zeppelin?"
-"Yea...right? Fuckin' John Bonham up there"

:48 "We're Seven Year Existence from Chaimpaign, IL, Let's get some fuckin' people up goddamn front, I wanna see a circle pit up in this bitch!" Then they kick into their first song and they all start headbanging really hard in unision....I fucking lost it and started laughing my ass off.

:1:18 "This is the best thing that could ever happen! LOL"

:3:44 "Oh my god, they're having a sword-fight!"

:4:05-:4:10 Vocalist does this thing where his face looks like it's vibrating while he's singing.

:4:47 More Hilarious Head Banging

:6:00 "Let me see your fuckin' horns in the air" I throw up the horns in front of the camera and Captain Redbeard throws em back right into the camera. I'm pretty sure they thought we were really into it.

:7:07 Another Swordfight

:9:20 Hilarious Breakdown with quite possibly the most annoying guitar riff ever written. Seriously the most annoying nails on a chalkboard shit ever. Fuck this band sucks.

Catch them at a shithole near you. Don't forget to bring your metal horns.