Monday, May 3, 2010

Chicago Hardcore Shows of The Past......

My recollections of this show are kind of vague. The Butcher shop was a cool DIY venue that was around for awhile. I'm pretty sure one of the guys from the grindcore band Disrobe ran it. It was basically just a front room of an apartment in Pilsen with all the furniture cleared out. One thing I remember that was cool about it was that you could smoke there, and they even had one of those professional style ashtray post things up front by the door. People need to stop being such pussies about a few people smoking inside. I can understand hating on venues like The Lucky Gator Loft where there's wall to wall hipsters chain-smoking Newport 100's with little to no ventilation....but The Butcher shop seemed to have just the right amount of people where it didn't detract from the show and wasn't overwhelming. Anyways I got there late, just in time for Intifada. They play ultra fast thrashy southkore punk style stuff. Not my bag at all but they sounded ok that night. Matt Rolland's (Duress, Mindless Mutant Zine) band Stubborn Attitude played as well. It seems the whole point of this band is a soundtrack for everyone from Indiana (everywhere else too) to get retarded to. I remember lots of stuff flying around and Matt yelling obnoxious shit into the mic. He may or may not have attempted to throw a speaker as well.

The band I came to see, Coke Bust was up next. This DC Straight Edge Hardcore band plays blindingly fast, but in a different style than Intifada. The songs are short, fast, pissed off ragers and I derive amusement from a band that has lyrics like "We've gathered all our eggs and put them in a basket, when I die there will be an X on my casket". If I remember correctly this venue had a wooden floor and I could feel the reverberations of people stomping back and forth and just moshing in general for Coke Bust. They played a short, high energy set that left everyone there satisfied, pretty sure they also threw in a Youth of Today cover for good measure. I think this show is what got a lot of Chicago kids really stoked on this band. I think they were/are among the cream of the crop of new edge bands. Not sure what they're up to lately....I know they released an EP on ThirdxParty records entitled "Fuck Bar Culture", and I see them on flyers now and again, but haven't lately. Maybe they broke up? Anyways, this was a fun night. I want more DIY venues like this around the city, a draught of house/basement shows seems to have been going on lately....besides the void being filled by Albion House, I can't think of any others that consistently put on good shows. Plaines Projects was good for a minute but seems to have fallen off. Oh well, hopefully things will pick up again this summer.

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