Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My best record score thus far.....

.....Leeway's "Born to Expire LP at $3.99. Bought it from a local record shop that sprang up out of nowhere in my area. The name of the place eludes me right now, I want to say something like Music Land or Music World or some shit like that.. This one gay dude in his late 30's/early 40's ran it, and he had pretty good taste....opting to stock various glam and punk rock, and lots of other cool stuff in a multitude of genres. I would drive over there once a week and dig through the shelves. Most of it was the same stuff week after week except for a surprise gem on occasion such as this one. My Mac iSight pictures get lots of glare for some reason, but you can still see the price tag on the upper left which still reads $3.99. I remember walking in on one of my weekly rounds and stumbling upon this.I could barely believe my eyes, I thought it was a mistake or something. Have you ever found something similarly underpriced and nervously brought it up to the front praying that it's not an error and that you can walk out of the store with it? When you make it out of that store with the record it's a great feeling.....definitely put me in a good mood for the next couple days. What a great album too....probably one of if not the best crossover records of all time. Sadly a business like this was destined to fail out in such a suburban location. The record buying market just wasn't there. I tried to support the place as best I could, and in return they supported me and the local music scene, letting me put up flyers for hardcore shows. In addition to this one, some of the other cool records I copped there:

Blondie S/T LP
Guns and Roses-Appetite for Destruction LP
Several Dogs D'Amour glam rock import LP's
Tim Dog-Fuck Compton 12" Single
The Dickies-Incredible Shrinking..... LP
X-Los Angeles LP
Lou Reed-Berlin LP

.....and some more that I'm sure I've forgotten. The one thing I regret is not buying The Crumbsuckers- Beast On My Back album. It was priced way cheap too but at that point in time I wasn't into them. It was fun having a spot that nobody knew about and hadn't been combed over by resellers and other rockers with good taste. I think most vinyl enthusiasts have secret record stores they don't tell anyone about so they don't arrive to find all the choice slabs of vinyl picked clean off the shelf. My main secret record store is still going strong, but this one was a good supplement to it for awhile.

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