Friday, May 28, 2010

Chicago Shows of the Past.....Flyers and Photos

Shows at DePaul were always memorable. It was an awesome venue, bands played in classrooms and when a good show like this came through, good vibes were always abundant. There's just something about Depaul shows that made people get crazier and mosh harder than they would at other venues.

These are from the last Few and The Proud Show:

I don't think I attended this one. Great lineup though.

Thanks to Michael Morrissey for sending me the flyers.

The photos above are from the last Few and The Proud Show at Galaxie....the show had kind of a weird vibe. It didn't seem like too many people went off for them. Most last shows in Chicago are crazier and way more well attended.

James of Harms Way

Harms Way at a Halloween Show, pretty sure it was Halloween '08

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