Friday, May 14, 2010

Lil Wyte-The Best Of.....Slowed

Lil Wyte reminds me of the sketchy wigger dude who lives down the street from me or the type of guy you'd be locked up in a holding cell with on the way to County Jail. Music-wise, his rap shit is really good though. He rolls (literally haha) with 3-6 Mafia/Hypnotized Minds and has a similar sound as them, yet with his own twist. Wyte's lyrics are pretty much about two things, popping pills and shooting people. This album is The Best Of Lil Wyte Slowed Down (Not Chopped and Screwed). The tracks sound even more badass slowed down, but I'd also check out the regular versions if you like this. This shit is great to smoke kush blunts and pop xanax bars to. Highly recommended by The Night Owl Dynasty. I'm really picky when it comes to rap nowadays, but when something catches my ear I take note, this dude's got the goods. He also seems to have entered the exclusive club of white people who can say "Nigger/a around black people without getting a beatdown on the spot. In order to download you just have to register for which is totally worth it anyway because they have a gajillion other mixtapes from pretty much every rap dj you can think of, and just takes a second. (Ok, maybe a minute.)

Download here (after quick registry)

PS: On a humorous note, look at his "Lil Wyte" tattoo, almost looks like an ICP tattoo that's been covered up/added onto haha. It just adds to his sketchiness.

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