Thursday, May 6, 2010

NIght Owl Print Zine Back Issue #4

This is a copy of the 4th issue of the Night Owl that I released. As you can see I started to experiment with the layout a bit, achieving a much better visual aesthetic to add to the reading material. The front side features a couple brief record reviews (Backtrack and From the Chest) as well as a recipe for the delicious Night Owl Burger, seriously...this is a must try. Send in a picture of yourself eating a Night Owl Burger and you'll win a prize, a cool one...I promise. (Send in submissions to and drop me a comment in here so I can look out for it). Also included is a short history of the resurgence of "Skinhead Hardcore" and some of the bands that are leading the charge. The back page has an interview with the early lineup of Thought Crusade, when they were playing almost a completely different style than what they play now. It's all good though because I enjoy both sides of the band's sound....and now they are starting to include more Street punk/Oi influences into some of their new songs again. The interview is hilarious....some people found it sketchy.....not really sure why. People are so fucking sensitive sometimes....and I'm not the type of person to walk on eggshells in order to not offend anybody. Rest assured, The Night Owl always gives it to you raw.

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