Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Mexican Restaurants.....

1. Zacatacos on Cermak in Cicero- This place has been voted the #1 Chicagoland area taco by various newspapers. They're not far from the mark, this place has the BEST Al Pastor I've ever tasted. You can tell it's been ultra-slowly marinated and is packed with flavor. Small bits of pineapple make the Al Pastor a little sweet, but it's also highly savory. My only bone to pick with this place is that the Salsa is good but not great.

2. Los Burritos Tapatios on Ogden Ave in Downers Grove-This is my go to local place for high quality mexican food that is lightning fast, cheap and comes with great service if you dine in. There's also a totally cute waitress who I think has a crush on me, the problem is I don't speak spanish so I don't really know how to holler at her. Anyways, my favorite thing to get here is the Chorizo and Egg Torta. Excellent sandwich. They also have great homemade tortilla chips, and the the salsas are excellent. They even added a new sauce/salsa to the original too, I think it's a Chipotle sauce....very good and kudos to them for changing things up a bit and giving the customer a little more. If I'm short of money I'll get a steak taco, and an order of rice. Together with the chips you can get filled up for $4 bucks including tip. Can't beat that. Oh yea, don't go to the location in Wheaton, they have extremely surly and rude waitresses there. I'm pretty easy going but this lady treated me like shit after I come in there every day for lunch and tipped well. I let the manager know that I'm never eating at this place again due to the shitty attitude of that one particular waitress, then walked out and never came back.

3. Taco Grill on Ogden Ave in Westmont-Don't let the boring name fool you, these guys pump out out some highly flavorful mexican delights. They also have certain types of tacos which aren't usually found elsewhere such as a mexican pork chop taco, and other things along those lines. You can tell everything has been slow marinated, and nearly everything here is packed with flavor. One of the things that sets this place apart from other is that they have a salsa bar with about 16 different types of salsa varying from extremely mild to extremely hot (though for me they're not that hot because I'm so used to drenching everything in hot sauce). The only downsides to this restaurant are that the chips aren't as good as other places, and their tortas are made in a different style and are kind of weird.)

One more thing: What's the deal with some Mexican places not serving tortilla chips and salsa during the meal? If I find out that a place doesn't have chips I'll turn around and walk out. To me....delicious chips and salsa are a huge reason why I go to Mexican restaurants anyway. To take that away is just ridiculous, and I'm sure that cuts down on business because I know there's others like me all over the place. My advice is to boycott these places and letting the management know WHY you're boycotting the place. Maybe then they will see the error of their ways and hop on the chip wagon like they should.

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