Monday, November 1, 2010

Hot Food Zine 0.5 Sneak Peak

As mentioned in other blog posts, this is my friend Mike Conway's zine project. I ran into him last night at the Albion House halloween party, and he gave me permission to scan some of his work. Prior to coming out with a well done, full length zine, Mike came to a show one day and started passing these short little mini zines out to people. There are goofy comics and the story of a phantom phone dialer involved, along with some cool artwork. Speaking of cool artwork there's a picture of two fetish skins blowing each other on the back cover (real classy Mike haha). Though it came out quite a long time ago, I've always enjoyed this and the other full length Hot Food Zine #1. Check this sneak peak out for now, when I get the inclination I'll probably end up scanning the other one in.


  1. Never seen this issue, thanks for posting it. Hot Food rules, as does Mike Conway.

  2. Agreed on both counts. Glad you enjoyed it.