Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Chicago Hardcore Shows of the Past: Pulling Teeth and Harms Way at the KOC in Arlington Heights

Drove out to Arlington Heights for this one. I don't remember much. Enjoy the Massacre was really bad, and I was at the bar during Iron Will's set. This was one of Harms Way's relatively early shows and it was back when James the vocalist was still literally dropkicking people and violently windmilling himself into crowds of people during their set. This was also before they went Death Metal and were still pretty much a pure Powerviolence band. Here's some pics of HxW's set, including a couple where James is in the middle of abusing the audience.

Pulling Teeth was up next and it seems as if a lot of people left before they went on. I remember barely anyone was moshing, and few people singing along, though this did not deter the band from putting on a good show. They did their thing despite a decided lack of enthusiasm from the crowd. Here's some pics I took of their set:

...........all in all a fun evening out on the town. Kind of a quiet show but good times were had by all who attended,

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