Tuesday, November 2, 2010


As some of you are aware, High Times used to cover a lot more than just pot. Cocaine was blowing up and in the pages of HT magazine you could find a plethora of ornate coke paraphernalia along with all kinds of crazy weed related contraptions as well. The full page ads used to actually look cool and interesting instead of when they've degenerated into now.....basically full color catalogs for fake weed and detox drinks.

Honest Heat: Need to check the purity of a kilo of cocaine? Use one of these bad boys. I'm sure the Cartel henchmen won't mind when you break out your little melty machine and go to town on a bag of their coke.

Mannite: The choice cutting agent for the discerning cocaine dealer.

2 for 1: We have here gold and platinum razor blades for cutting up lines, "the only materials that won't degrade your substance". Also, another weird cutting agent for coke.

Airbrushed Pot Shirts: If it's good enough for the guy with the humongous mullet, it's good enough for me. I'd rock the shit out of one of these haha.

Shit to Gold: This is supposed to be an "isomerizor" a machine that increases the potency of your pot. For some reason, I can't see this thing performing any miracles in fact, when I look at this I think of all the potentially ruined stashes that came out through this. If it was the miracle machine it's advertised to be, you'd be seeing a lot more of this type of stuff today. Has anyone even heard of an isomerizor nowadays?

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