Friday, November 12, 2010

The Big Takeover Zine #2 (Classic NYC Punk/HC Zine)

I've been looking for this everywhere and am stoked that I finally found it the other day while cleaning my room. This is the last issue of my Big Takeover collection, and also one of the most interesting. The zine focuses on the punk/power-pop/pre-hardcore band The Stimulators, are known mostly for their anthemic punk song "Loud Fast Rules" and their 12 year old drummer Harley Flanagan who grew into one of the most infamous characters of the NYHC scene, and was one of the founding members of The Cro Mags. This issue provides an interesting perspective and cool insight into a Stimulators show at Max's Kansas City in NY, including a passage on the authors observations of early forms of slam-dancing/moshing. The scene at the point was transitioning from punk rock to hardcore, and this is the period where people stopped pogoing and started dancing harder and in a different style. From what I understand, these are original issues and are pretty goddamn rare. Enjoy:

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