Thursday, October 21, 2010

Old High Times Scan: "How to Say No to a Dealer"

Leafing through one of my vintage issues of High TImes magazine, I came across this article about the world of marijuana consumerism, and the interaction between dealer and customer. After reading the article I thought to myself," Yea, if only things really happened like they do in the pages of this magazine". I've had to deal with many shady fly-by-night dealers in my unwavering quest for herb. A lot of times, you're lucky if the bag even weighs correctly let alone have "polite banter" about the current weed in stock. If you asked for a sample a lot of people would look at you like you're crazy. Though few and far between, I HAVE had experience with dealers who take pride in a good product, but even then the guy was still a cocky asshole.....go figure. One a side note, check out the buds on the first page, I think it's hilarious that the weed featured in the High Times of yesterdays is the schwag of today. Seriously, that stuff looks pretty nasty haha. This article may be slightly anachronistic, but in a perfect world, this is how our weed buying interactions would take place: