Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Skrapyard Demo Review

When I first saw the demo of this cover (A Skinhead bashing rats with a baseball bat in a vacant lot/scrapyard) I was a little salty because when I finally got a band together, I wanted the cover of the first 7" EP to be a bunch of skinheads giving a group of baby seals a boot party. They beat me to the punch, oh well. I'll just have to come up with something either equally or more offensive. On to the music.......just for the record, there were no song titles that came with the demo download, so I commented on the tracks in order. First off, this is extremely influenced by 86 Mentality, in fact some of the songs are directly inspired (or bit depending on your point of view) riffs from 86 Mentality songs. Parts of the first song for instance are very very similar to "Get Away" by 86........they have the same kind of fast (for Oi inspired stuff) and loose sound with gravelly, kind of sloppy vocals....in this case the vocals sound like a cross between Aaron from The Repos and Steve from 86 Mentality. The second song is my favorite, it starts out with this HUGE stomp part that sounds like the notes of "Bust It" by Righteous Jams re-worked a bit. Whatever they did with it, the sound works.....and the breakdown....holy shit the breakdown! It starts with a maniacal laugh and busts back in the stomp part that opens the song but they take it to the next level and make it sound considerably harder. next song is a faster punky romp, good stuff to sing along to....then they burst into the next song which features a countdown ("1,2,3,4!") again, very reminiscent of 86 Mentality which segues into another MASSIVE hard as nails stomp/mosh part. This is the kind of stuff I can't wait to mosh to when I see them live. The song lyrics are pretty typical fare, about being an outcast from society and shit like that, being "born and bred to fight" etc......whatever creativity the lyrics lack the music makes up for. The Last song is another angry blast from these dudes. Stuff like this gets me excited again for the scene. Most Chicago bands/shows just haven't been doing it for me for the last year or so. i'm glad this Oi/Hardcore crossover sound is coming back (There are multiple bands and other continually sprouting up that are using a Warzone/86 Mentality/YDL type template for there tunes) which excites me. I hope these guys end up playing their first show in Chicago, but word is it might be in Indiana. Either way I intend to do my best to attend and mosh for my favorite demo of recent memory.

Download Here:

Look for more reviews of a few new band's demos coming in installments over the next week or so.

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