Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Night Owl Print Zine #6 Scan

I've been searching my house for this for quite a long time now, as I'm terribly unorganized. It's a scan of the last issue of The Night Owl 1 page zine.....the theme is a tribute to New York Hardcore. I wanted to focus on some of the lesser known NYHC bands that are under-appreciated in my opinion. I was also really into The Icemen at the time I came out with this, so the entire back page features reviews of nearly all their material, demos/live shows etc. I wanted to try something new, so I added download links for everything I reviewed and as far as I know they all still work. Ryan Wilson and John Caution were guest reviewers, both writing up albums that they're really into. Actually, I'm pretty sure they got me to check out DMIZE and Altercation in the first place. Once of my favorite memories is handing a copy of these to Lord Ezec and the rest of the Skarhead band members when they were in town for The Rumble Fest. Ezec was all stoked about the DMIZE interviews and that paved the way for me to eventually get an interview out of him. I was gonna do it in person but my camera battery was almost dead and a crazy brawl broke out later on so I probably wouldn't have got to do it anyway. Anyways, sorry about the Cutoffs, I scanned them in the best I could as my scanner is a piece of shit and malfunctions a lot. I'm going to start working on Night Owl #7 as soon as things calm down a bit for me. my goal is to get to at least #10, and after that start doing full size zines.

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