Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cheese Danish Reviews

Clover Hill-This selection is what most gas station in the Chicagoland area stock. First thing I noticed upon unwrapping it and taking a bite, is that it was slightly dried out. This may be due to it actually sitting around for awhile, or maybe the high amount of preservatives gives it it's texture....who knows. All these gas station snacks have tons of preservatives and are probably horrible for you, but they're so damn good you can't stop yourself from picking one up when you have a sweet tooth and want to take care of it on the cheap. The "cheese" in cloverhill danishes is flavorful, and there's a good amount of it. These taste delicious when eaten with or dipped in coffee, and despite the initial dryness, tastes really good. These are my go-to snack when I get a craving for something sweet and cheap while Im out.

Little Debbie-This one seemed to be the freshest and moistest out of all 3 selections. The flavor was just ok though. There's too much artifical cheese on this one and it doesn't taste as good as the other danishes. I also thought there was a bit too much icing and when heated up turns loses its consistency and turns into a frosty, goopy, blobby thing. It'll do in a pinch, but the proportion of ingredients was thrown off so that it's relegated to my last choice.

Hostess-My favorite out of the 3. Comes in a rectangular shape as opposed to the other 2 round ones. The danish itself was really fresh, and the cheese tasted good, with the right amount of icing as well. The best way to enjoy this one is heating it up for about 13 seconds and eat it slowly with a fork this way you get the maximum amount of enjoyment out of it. When heated, the breading takes on a delicious, doughy consistency which blends very well with the cheese and icing. The mouth feel of a heated bite taken out of these danishes is excellent and you will probably want another one after you finish your first. If you're talking heated up, then this is my favorite of the 3.

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