Tuesday, March 22, 2011

MC Freddy Madball

I can't make up my mind whether this is kind of cool or just really bad.


  1. i agree - i am on the fence...i do like it - although the beat and his flow is a little "poppy"; but - it is in tune with the original song as he is flowing dancehall - and The Clash took it from the reggae sound. so it pays respect to both front. i cannot deny that is infectious.
    as far as the whole lp - some songs i definitely skip - but most of it is really good. a lot of introspection and social commentary. beats are good. brings the hc influence; as a fan of old school hip hop, golden era, and present underground - (basically, real rap just not pop crap on the radio) - it is really good. to beat a cliche, he keeps it real. talks about what he knows. there is a lot of struggle and conflict in his lyrics on a personal level.

  2. I've heard a decent amount of DMS rap stuff, and there always seems to be something missing. It's like they'll have a decent beat and the lyrics will be laughably bad, or they get a wack beat with entertaining lyrics. I don't think I've ever heard a track that I'd consider to be good all around, shit just seems kind of lopsided. One redeeming factor is that with all the thug shit DMS MC's spit, at least I know they're the real deal and not just some gay studio gangsters. That's one reason why I dig Boxcutter too haha. I think these dudes would also be well-served with looking outside of the DMS camp for production as a good amount of their beats seem somewhat homogenized and just kind of "whatever". I also prefer stuff from '88-'94 (what I consider the golden age of rap) and I will say that this is closer to that then all this trill bullshit on the radio.