Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lord Green Higher than God 7" and Last Demo Cassette Reviews

As I posted a couple days ago a dude named Tom from the band "Lord Green" contacted and asked me to review his band's record. I received a package the other day with the Lord Green Higher Than God 7" and a cassette tape of their last demo. The artwork for the EP is pretty basic computer print out stuff. Just a white pentagram with a black background. I'd describe their sound as heavy fuzzed out stoner rock with some fast parts that show some hardcore punk influence. Some of the stuff is instrumental, while other tracks have distorted vocals which work well with the band's sound. I'd say that bandwise they remind me of a mix of Bongzilla, Wolfbrigade, and Black Sabbath. The more I listen to it the better it gets and I pick up on all these cool guitar riffs I didn't notice before.

Higher Than God 7"

Side A: A heavy, stoner rock funeral-dirge called "falling" makes up my first introduction to the band. It's a loud as shit riff-fest that would be cool to blast after a heavy bout with your bong. The track gets a little repetitive towards the end, but I'd call this pretty cool. Definitely not bad.

Side B: "Higher Than God" starts out fast and winds down with another doomed out Sabbath inspired riffathon at the end. You can hear what sounds like some d-beat influence in the fast part. To me a lot of this bands faster stuff sounds a bit like a slower Wolfbrigade or Tragedy and way sludgier and stonier than both those bands. "Higher" is a solid track with numerous tempo changes and stonerish guitar riffs galore. This would sound great blasted on some huge, good quality speakers.

Overall this is a pretty good record. Not something I'd listen to all the time, but I do get in the mood for shit like this sometimes, I just wish I had a better stereo system so I could fucking blast it out. I'd be into seeing these guys live to see how these songs translate to a live setting.

Last Demo Ever Cassette

The tracks on this cassette are faster and more punk sounding than the EP, but still retain the same level of sludgy doom as the EP tracks. Again, some of the faster songs show a d-beat influence which can be comparable to a slightly slower Wolfbrigade or Tragedy. Standouts include the 7 minute plus "Dropping Out" which has stony fuzzed out riffs galore with a hard edge, and "Losing the Race" which plays as a pretty straight forward punk track played in Lord Green's fuzzy, distorted manner. "Flying" is also fucking awesome, and this version sounds way better than the EP version in my opinion. The whole cassette tape is drenched in feedback and distorted guitars and sounds great with a pair of headphones and a joint. The band gets extra props for the cool looking tape. I don't usually get hyped on tapes, but it fits with this kind of music for some reason.

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