Monday, July 26, 2010

Some Things That Annoy Me

-People who go to a bar with awesome microbrews/craft beers and order a fucking Bud Light. Way to show you have absolutely no class (or taste for that matter).

-Jean Shorts

-Pushy Panhandlers (especially the ones that want you to sign some bogus petition...fuck off already, I said no to you....don't keep asking me.

-People who think they're some kind of super-hustler because they sold a couple nickel bags of schwag.

-People who go to fast food restaurants and customize their order to a ridiculous extent. ("I want my fries fried, then refried again so they're extra crispy, my burger should have exactly 2 dollops apiece of ketchup and mustard, no pickle, extra a matter of fact why don't you fry those up too, and while your at it I'll have a Coke with exactly 3 ice cubes in it") I only see black people do this for some reason.

-People who are constantly listening to their walkmen while hanging out with you. Put that fuckin' thing away douchefuck, you can't wait until you get home?

-Those weird hipster/crusty hybrids with lots of facial hair, oversized Mickey Mouse cutoff tank top soiled with dirt and B.O., and some dirty shorts. I can smell you from fuckin' 20 feet away, what's your problem?

-Fat people on motorized scooters.

-Fair-Weather friends

-Stingy people in general

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