Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sawchuk-The Miserable Now EP

This dude Brandon from Michigan let me know about his band through email. The EP he sent me has a fast drum driven punk sound, along with twist of modern hardcore heaviness with dark, grimy riffs. I gotta say the drums really stand out, dude's a beast. There is a variety of good riffs on this too which vary in style, the tone on everything sounds good. The break in "Tranquility" is awesome, complete with cool gang vocals. Another good one is the opening track which features another cool break and some dude stepping up and laying down some guest vocals. I'm a fan of guest vocals and gang vocals in general. Check this EP out, support this band. I'm picky when it comes to new bands but I'd go see these guys live if I had a chance. I'm still wondering what a Sawchuk is though. Maybe it's a Michigan Lumberjack kind of thing.

Download The Miserable Now EP
Sawchuk Myspace Page

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