Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Yet Another Horrible Metal Band?

Yessir! Once again, Brian from the Chicago hardcore board delivers the goods. This seems to have been taken from the same show as the last one I posted. I really wish I attended this show....it seems to have more ridiculous metal bands per capita than any other bill I've ever seen. Apparently the band doesn't need song structures......it's like musical diarrhea. The guitarist then proceeds to "dig a grave" with his guitar haha. Judging by their super cool promotional backdrop....they're called "Reaming Eternity" or something. I have NO idea how this band can take themselves seriously and not go into a fit of convulsive laughter while they're putting on this type of show. Something tells me this happened in Peoria....don't ask me why.


  1. Burnsville, MN. just south of minneapolis.

    <3, brian

  2. http://www.myspace.com/impulseoflife

    Sudden Impulse was the best name they could think of. (Un)fortunately there is no video of them playing, just these apalling demos. I saw them once, and it was even worse live. Listen to "Just One Force" and try to stifle the tears of laughter.