Monday, June 28, 2010

Free Spirit 1 Page Zine

I got this in Boston while on tour with Thought Crusade. They played this really cool venue called "Anchors Away", lots of Boston kids came out, it seemed a a little subdued, but people still moshed and had a good time. The band Free Spirit is friends with Ryan Wilson, the lead singer from Thought Crusade (ex-Expired Youth), I met Gil the singer and he was a cool dude. His band is pretty much Straight Ahead worship, which is cool with me. There's so much crap out there that if they want to emulate an old band's sound it's more than welcome, especially if it's an awesome classic band like SA. THey ended the set with a cover of "I'm Not a Loser" by The Descendants.......slightly out of character but still rockin'. This was my first time seeing The Rival Mob. I've been a fan since the demo came out so it was exciting to finally see them. They played a couple new songs that got a real good response from the crowd, and I'm pretty sure they're just getting around to releasing them right now. My only complaint is that they didn't play "RCBS" which has a completely ignorant mosh part.

Anyways, I think stuff like the above 1 page zine is really cool, especially if it's all band news and short anecdotes from the members of a certain band. It gives you more insight as to who they are as people, as well as practical information such as progress made working on a new record and stuff like that. It's thing's like this that made me want to do The Night Owl 1 page zine in the first place. Maybe someone else will see it and get inspired to go create something and share it with other people.

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