Saturday, January 28, 2012

Quick Movie Writeup: Keoma (1977) w/ Franco Nero

I wanted to do a quick write up of this classic spaghetti western "Keoma" starring Franco Nero as a half breed gunfighter who returns to his hometown after the civil war to find things in complete dissaray. His 3 brothers who picked on him as a kid are now hired goons under the wing of a Mr. Caldwell who has pretty much taken over the town. There is a plague going around and Keoma ends up coming to the aid of those afflicted by scheming up a way to get the needed medicine into a town under the stranglehold of corruption. In the process he kicks the shit out of lots of people and is quick to pull out his gun and blast on someone. I should note that the theme music is horribly annoying with shrill "singing" if you can call it that, that seems to drone on and on. One thing I found funny is that every single actor had a perfect american accent, except Franco Nero who sounds overwhelmingly Italian. This is especially funny as his family all talk "normally" which makes Franco's voice stand out like a sore thumb. Another aspect I found hilarious is that throughout the movie the background music will come on and then Nero's voice (italian accent included) chimes in and "sings" the "Herrrrreeeee I ammmmm surrounded by meeeeennnnnn with gunnnnnssssssss". Haha.

While the acting and dialogue is pretty over the top in a lot of places, the casting was done very well, especially for Keoma's slightly dandified, sadistic brothers who play their part very well. Nero himself is always entertaining and doesn't fail here. The Italians were looking for a Clint Eastwood type actor and they seem to have find it in Franco Nero....who definitely has a certain amount of charisma and appeal as an actor, even if he notoriously over-acts. I found this movie to be a standout of the genre and is definitely worth a watch if you're into Western movies or Franco Nero the actor. A good example of the spaghetti western genre, even though it may be a big more polished than early Clint Eastwood material. Worth a watch for sure. Sorry I know this writeup is kind of all over the place, my attention span is really small right now, I probably shouldn't be writing this right now, I just felt like doing something different than just posting a music video, or other random video.

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