Sunday, January 22, 2012

Last Night

Hit up the M.I.A. drum n bass party "Danger Danger" to see Danny Tha of my favorite DJ's of all time. The party ended pretty early, but I was up moving around for the majority of the time so I was pretty beat by the end of it. Next time I'd like to see them do it bigger with a larger venue and more people.....I'm sure if midwestern junglists can pack the metro for LTJ Bukem, M.I.A. could get a pretty good draw with some UK talent, or some other big names in DnB from the U.S.A. Their next event is their monthly Subfix party at SmartBar, first Thursday of every month. The next one will be February 2nd and starts around 10. Come out and say what's up to me in person....just look for the perma-grin haha. More extensive update tommorow........

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