Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ganja Guys Update

I posted some comments about this dude's youtube channel called ganja guys a few months back. Apparently he deleted his youtube account and all his videos. I like to think my post had some part in that's the post:

So this 15 year old kid has a youtube channel featuring videos of him smoking weed using various methods. These are so unintentionally awkward and hilarious. I'm sort of transfixed by this video in the same way I would be if I were watching a midget tossing contest or something. Here's a few points of the video I've analyzed.

-Showing off his shitty acrylic bongs he probably bought at the gas station for 10 bucks apiece.

-His awkward friend who looks like he'd rather be anywhere but there....and the weird banter between the two.

-The sound he makes right before he hits the gasmask bong for the first time makes me want to bang my head against the wall.

- All the music in his videos consist of horrible played out top 40 countdown rap songs from 6 months ago. Apparently he has a huge crush on Lil Wayne.

- Waving around a quarter of schwag like it's dipped in gold or something.

-The best part of the whole video: His dad walks in while they're fumigating the room with schwag smoke and yells at him for not doing his chores.....he acts like a complete little fucking brat, calls his dad a nigger and starts talking shit to his dad in front of his friend. Your dad lets your 15 year old Mitch Kramer lookin' ass sit in your room and rip tubes all day and you have the nerve to act like that? What a choad.

I like to think I acted a bit cooler than this kid when I was his age, but I'm sure I was a fuckin' asshole too, I refuse to believe I was half as bad as this little buttfuck though. In a couple years he's definitely gonna wish he never made these videos.

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