Thursday, January 12, 2012

4-ACO-DMT Trip Report

Yesterday, I took advatntage of the beautiful weather right before the first major winter storm of the season, to ingest a capsule of roughly 20 mg's of 4-ACO-DMT a chemical compound that is supposed to be very close to a psilocybin experience. Here's a full unedited trip report I composed while under the influence of this interesting stuff. Some of it is kind of all over the place, but I think that lends credence to my altered state of consciousness.

My unedited 4-ACO-DMT trip report:

T: 12:00 in the afternoon

Ingested small gelcap approx 20 mg's

T:12:30- Feel lighter, typing fingers hitting the keys feels "different" watching Technical Itch, the rukus video. bout to go smoke a cir, no visuals yet.

"get Loose" Matt Cox

T: 1:11 Definitely tripping now, not too intense. Very light body load, almost no visuals. Very mushroom-like, can't feel the DMT aspect, or don't know what to look for. smoking a blunt of ergs right now listening to bass-heavy music in my room, planning on going outdoors for the peak, for now im gonna finish this blunt, charge my ipod, and watch the itunes visualizer while playing some EDM.
Depreciation Guild sounds spectacular "Heavy Eyes". Visualizer not. working for some reason.

DPG "Nautilus to:

at same time, absolutely amazing! Like Pink Floyd DSOTM and Wizard of Oz syncs up almost perfectly timed and everything.

T: 1:36

Very euphoric now, weird bodily sensations, balance is off, funny thoughts etc. Like mushrooms but very calm and relaxing. Very little visuals, felt in the body without there being a large body load if that makes sense. Listening to DJ Rap "Spritual Aura" classic jungle track. Watching the video for Gold Panda-Marraige (Star Slinger Remix) with the volume muted and blasting the Innovation Mix.
T: 1:50

Effects getting stronger now, had to turn off the thousand hand boddisatva because it was freaking me out haha.

T: 1:56

Dude this is fucking awesome!
ReactAble Trance live performance submit studios

T: 2:03

Seem to be peaking. Watching Reactable performances on youtube is unbelievable. This is the future of EDM…..and maybe music in general.

T: 2:27
Minor OEV's heavier load now in the face huh that sounds funny. Looked in the mirror and you couldn't even tell that I'm tripping. Pupils normal size and everything. Still going though.

T: 5:00

Wow, what I thought was the peak was nowhere near the peak. I just got back from a walk that seemed like an epic trek. One of the most notable things about this trip is the feeling in my limbs, almost as if they belong to someone else. My coordination is all over the place. I can tell that my pupils were probably huge earlier, but are going down now. Some parts of the trip seemed quite intense, several times I stopped and sat on a bench to gather my thoughts and center myself. Audio hallucinations were very pronounced, sounds blending together to become different variants of the same noise. I walked into town and marveled at how weird it felt to be around people going about their day, oblivious to my state of mind and how they looked from my point of view. I took a route that is filled with memories for me so I just kind of reveled in the nostalgia of the walk, especially going by my old elementary school. I noticed that this isn't a very social drug, and I found myself getting mildly paranoid in a few instances, in each case I talked myself down though (i.e. think rationally etc.). Now I'm going to seek out some food, and probably hop in the shower once I come down a little more.

T: 6:00

Back to Baseline. Went and got some KFC, just finished eating…I feel good. Altogether I feel I had a successful session, and looking forward to trying this in more of a social atmosphere with friends.

This is one of the videos I watched when I was coming up. I turned the volume off and listened to the song "Nautilus" by The Depreciation Guild. The song seemed to sync up perfectly with what was happening in the video, kind of like watching The Wizard of Oz while listening to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of The Moon album.

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