Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Vintage High TImes Scan: African Khat; On Safari in Pursuit of Loco Weed, the Cocaine of the Dark Continent

For those not familiar with Khat here's some quick info from Wikipedia:

"Khat is a flowering plant native to tropical East Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. It is also known as qat, qaat, quat, gat, jaad, chat, chad, chaad and miraa. The plant is grown commercially in Kenya, Oman, Yemen and Ethiopia.
Khat is a shrub. When grown commercially, the shrubs grow to a size of about 5m, in the wild they can reach about 20m.
Khat is used as a stimulant in Yemen, Ethiopia and Somalia, the effects are comparable to those of drinking tea or coffee."

As usual, exemplary photography, and all around journalism.

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