Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Download These Records.......

....all are top notch.

Otis Redding-The Soul Album (the man)

V/A-Chess Soul...a decade of chicago's finest (Chicago Soul)

The Nasty Facts-Drive My Car (must hear, my favorite power pop EP of all time)

MC Lyte-Lyte as a Rock (90's hiphop.tight beats/lyrics.)

Snix (Hard as nails French Oi)- Ces Annees La

V/A-Hooligans Pro-Violence 2 (Awesome comp)

Curtis Mayfield-Live in Chicago '73

Strong Style-Aratanaru Senjyo He (Jap Oi)

Strong Style-Sweat and Tears

The Valves-Discog

The Drones-Singles Collecton

The Warrior Kids-Discography (Killer French Oi)

Elton Motello-ST

NY Wolfpack LP

The Evilskins-Zyklon Army (More Awesome Sketchy French Oi)

The Rogues-From The Dead End

The Carpettes-The Early Years (One of the best/my favorite UK 77 band, great stuff)

Action Pact!-Punk Singles Collection

V/A Werewolfen Comp (Jap Oi)

The Sonics-Here are the Sonics!

Bad Vultures-High Voltage Skinhead Anthems (Jap Oi)

Rose Tattoo-Greatest Hits plus 8

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  1. Ottis Redding, Curtis Mayfield, The Sonics...this is some bad ass music.