Sunday, December 19, 2010

One of the weirder ad campaigns I've seen.

Of course this is from the back cover of an old issue of High Times (April '78, the "Special Dealing and Smuggling Issue"). It's an ad for so called "X-Rated" Hustler brand rolling papers. Apparently the papers themselves don't have pictures of dicks and pussies on them, but the packs come with "a trio of collectible cards featuring Hustler Honeys, outrageous photos and mind-boggling cartoons pulled from the pages of Hustler Magazine." I think they'd be a lot cooler if there were dicks and pussies on them, instead of some (probably) dodgy papers and a couple beaver shots on some dumb collectible card thingies. Who collects shit like that anyway? Or do they expect you to jerk off to a tiny little card? Weird either way. What's weirder is that the ad features an average looking blonde with a see through cowboy hat riding "high on the range" on top of what looks like a gigantic, mutant gopher in what looks like an almost post-apocalyptic desert sunset scene. They must have been stoned out of their fucking gourd when they came up with this one.

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