Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Whiskey and Kush

I'm drinking Woodford Reserve Whiskey and about to finish off this bowl of Kush. This whiskey is really good though, ultra-smooth and very flavorful....also very drinkable. It doesn't have too much of a kick like some of my other favorite whiskey's, it's just smooth sippin' pleasure. The shit's expensive at $35-$45 a bottle, but it's for sure worth trying. I've been getting into lots of different craft Whiskey's lately. On deck I have a bottle of Templeton Rye, a bottle of Bulliet Frontier style whiskey, a bottle of good ol' JD for mixed drinks, and a bottle of Johnny Walker Red Label for the shitty days where I want come to home to a stiff drink to take the edge off.

::Hits bowl of OG Kush::

Man this stuff stinks! Super skunky with an aftertaste that kind of reminds you of a sour apple flavor. Shit's pretty strong too. Provides a fairly heavy couchlock that's great for watching TV/books/vegging out, but not so good if you need to get stuff done. The flavors of the whiskey and the herb compliment each other quite nicely, especially since the whiskey isn't too overpowering. When weed gets legalized, there should be a job much like a sommelier at a fine restaurant, where fine buds are expertly pared with food and drink. Think about it though, there really is a wide spectrum of weed flavors and varieties, and drinking this good whiskey while roasting some kush shows me that the two flavors can compliment each other quite nicely. Imagine a tasting menu at a nice restaurant with the finest quality food and drink paired with the choicest buds in a manner that adds an aspect of unparalleled luxury to the experience. That sounds amazing to me right now, and if weed ever becomes legal, I will be on the forefront of the weed sommelier experience.

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  1. i definitely think its a market that should be tapped into.