Saturday, January 1, 2011

Let me clarify my stance on New Years

I'm not a hater, I'm not some salty little grinch who hates fun. I hope my readership went out and drank watered down well drinks and plugged some holes/got their holes's just for ME, something has always been bad on New Years. Either I'm sick and there's a party next door so I have to listen to drunk mid-20's eterna-bros ice eachother at 3 in the morning between bouts of extreme nausea, or my plans fall through, or my plans GO through but some stupid little detail ends up ruining the whole night. It's amateur night. 8/10 people get blackout drunk and/or coked up to the gills, and I have the joy of sharing the road with them, not to mention DUI checkpoints, overzealous cops and the like. Illinois doesn't fuck around with that shit. I'll tell you what I did last night. I had a 1 makers w/ ginger ale (Bourbon and Ginger is what I like to drink nowadays, that or Vodka Tonics), smoked about 5 bowls of some good buds I have, popped a half a xanax bar (I only need a hlf to accomplish what I need to accomplish) and passed out at about 12:30 reading the Richard Kuklinski book "The Iceman; Confessions of a Contract Killer". No regrets on my part. I'm now up at 10:00 AM with absolutely no hangover, I actually have a nice sedated little glow from the other half of the xannny bar which I popped at 5:00 AM to go back to sleep. I'm having a particularly strong cup of coffee now and will probably smoke a bowl and listen to this new band that I like "Whirl" in a few minutes. I will post Whirl's info today because it's a really good band and I want to share it with others.....but for now, I'm just chillin. For those hungover......drink 2 purple Revive Vitamin Waters, smoke some good quality weed and try to choke down some greasy food. (This usually stops any hangover dead in it's tracks, and believe me, I've had some baaaaad ones.) You could also do the whole Bloody Mary thing, but I've never had a Bloody Mary and can't vouch for it's efficacy. Heard they wprk though.