Friday, January 21, 2011

Demo Roundup

Here are some demos I've been digging on lately:

Black and Blue Demo
Download Here

This is really solid hardcore and the recording on this demo sounds superb. Quality fast parts and hard hitting breaks are the rule here. They throw in lots of Oi riffs too throughout the demo which I dig. Some of Chris Schuman's lyrics are a bit simplistic, but they get his point across well. Scene Knuckleheads, fake friends, and self loathing are a few lyrical topics covered. Schuman's voice sounds pretty ferocious and pissed off on this record. There are several rap samples that kick off the beginning of songs. I heard a couple people talking shit about them being a wannabe Cold World, but the samples don't detract from anything in my opinion. They come as part of the package. Keep your eyes peeled for these guys, they're playing a bunch of shows in the near future and will hopefully write some more songs. One of the best bands/best demos out as of late.

Suburban Scum '08 Demo "Suburban Discipline"
Download Here

Some crucial fast parts with some hardstylish choppy breaks with gang vocals in the background, heavy riffs galore etc. This band has a harder edged NYHC Biohazard type sound with very prominant bass and angry vocals. "Self Loathing" is the standout song on here, the part where the singer starts talking "Ever get the feeling, everything you do, IS ONE BIG CROCK OF SHIT!" then his voice warps into a hardass demonic sounding shout which sounds fucking awesome as the music picks up and gets heavier. You may be tired of all the new bands riding the "hardstyle" pony, but these guys really do it justice. "Blind to Life: is a mid tempo riff fest that sounds like a straight up Biohazard track besides the vocals. All in all great demo, great sound.

United Youth Demo
Download Here

This one has kind of a late 80's New York Hardcore skinhead vibe ala' Warzone, Straight Ahead etc. Hard riffs and fast parts galore, this one was over before I knew it. I think it clocks in at like 7 or 8 minutes. These dudes have potential, I'm interested to see where they go from here.

Warhound Demo
Download Here

Another demo heavy NYHC vibe. I've mentioned them on here a few times before. This one especially is VERY well done. This demo sounds great, it could easily be released as an EP. "Demons" is the fucking jam. Crunchy fucking guitars and hard hooks on this one. "I'm my own worst enemy it's clear to see"....I dig it. Looking forward to seeing these guys live. There's seems to be a bit of a buzz surrounding them. I know they're from Illinois, they gotta get out and start playing Chicago in order to make a name for themselves. They have definite potential.

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