Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summer's Here...

......and I've been listening to lots of pop punk some of the best of which I'll be posting up soon. For now here's a couple awesome EP's. Thanks to the Ramone to the Bone blog of which i'll be linking shortly.

Not so into the Darlingtons side, but these two Highschool Dropouts tracks are balls to the wall Ramones style pop punk. Great stuff.

1. highschool dropouts - (i don't wanna be)locked in a sanitarium (1:47)
2. highschool dropouts - the kids are ready to go (1:54)
3. darlington - goldschlager (2:16)
4. darlington - jim beam (3:25)

Download Here

All female pop punk. Cool sound.

1. Baby Shakes - Tell Me Now (2:28)
2. Baby Shakes - Come On Babe (2:44)
3. Baby Shakes - Baby It's You (3:01)

Download Here

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