Thursday, February 5, 2015

Freddie Gibbs and Madlib - "Pinata"

So I stumbled upon one of these videos when I was fuckin' around on youtube. I was captivated by Madlib's minimalist production filled with simple smoky soul loops and straight to the point, hardrock lyrics. The videos managed to stand out and be even somewhat disturbing despite consisting of oft-used rap video cliche's like kitchens full of yayo and guns galore.....coupled with the violent lyrics dealt over serene soundscapes.....this Freddie Gibbs record amounts to a diamond in the rap rough that rises above  many other records of late. Maybe it's the level of realism in the sounds and images presented....making you think that Freddie has actually done the shit he raps about and that's why it has such a visceral effect. Either way this record is almost like a movie in the way it entertains, spinning tales of a non-repentant crook deep into the game....knowing that the end is coming soon but wanting to go out fucking with a fistful of dollars and a blunt.

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  1. Thx!I like this!Maybe someone want find a similar samples to these tracks, i share with u -