Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tried that "Bath Salt" shit yesterday....

I wanted to try it before they made it illegal. It was like bad speed with a crack comedown (ok maybe that's exaggerating a bit). I just did an average sized line.....felt good for about 15 minutes, then crashed for about a half hour. I eventually leveled out but I got in at midnight, tried to go to sleep and couldn't get there til' about 6 AM. I got up at like 10:30 AM after some very dodgy quality sleep, even after popping 20 mg melatonin. I still feel a little tweaked. My opinion on this stuff is that people should do drugs where at least the all the side-effects and long term effects/risks are somewhat known. There really hasn't been any research on these chemicals (mephedrone, 4-mec, mppp amongst many others) you're basically a guinea pig for all these research chemicals. Stick with real drugs or better yet don't do drugs at all.

PS: Look what it's done to me so far...I went from posting Lil Wayne to Charles Manson in less than 24 hours.

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