Monday, May 16, 2011

Weed Fouls

1. When you offer to smoke out with someone you don't really know and when you hand the bowl to them they roast the whole thing and hit it like a crackhead coughing out an entire bowls worth of smoke right away. Then they make no attempt to cover the flame and just hand you a bowl that's still smoking from all ends. This is made worse by the fact that people who do this are usually trying to horn in on your session anyway.

2. When you offer to match someone and you pack a fat bowl of good bud, they end up having some regs and even then pack a weak ass bowl. What the fuck?

3. Slobbering all over the mouthpiece.

4. When you smoke out of someone elses bowl and there's nasty lip crust/film clinging to the mouthpiece, fucking disgusting man.

5. People always trying to hit you up for 10 sacks usually at odd hours.

6. People who treat weed like it's crack.

7. People who make up gay ass strain names based nothing on the actual genetics of the plant.

8. People calling any kind of good weed "kush", or using that term for an excuse to charge more.

9. Rookies coughing their hit back into the bowl effectively blowing the contents all over the room.

10.Stingy ass people in general who pack skimpy bowls and leave you joneseing for more after their bowl makes it around like once.

Feel free to comment and add more.


  1. 11. People who hold on to a packed bowl and talk incessantly without passing it. Hit it or quit it.

    12. People who NEVER clean their pipes. Often you'll have a nice bowl pack that has to be dismantled because the pipe's so goddamn dirty it won't pull.

    1 and 2 piss me off the most. Ya smoke someone up and they just try to suck down as much as possible.

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  3. Haha that's a good way to put it. I always have to remind my friend not to take crackhead hits and kill the whole thing in one go.

    The dirty bowl one is a good too, when you pack some kill you're expecting pure bliss, not pure bliss mixed with reggie tar, best way to ruin the smoking experience of good weed is smoke out of a dirty bowl.

    13. People who have been smoking for over a decade but still act like an amateur smoking out of a pop can behind the school dance. (Yes I have done that before too haha).