Monday, April 26, 2010

H8 Inc. "Clockwork Misery"

Seeing this band at the fest I went to last weekend made me go and check out their new album "A Clockwork Misery". Holy shit, this album has some of the best material I've heard yet from the band. They changed their sound up a bit from the hard, depressing, sort of experimental grindcorish type stuff of their last couple albums. It's more clean straight forward later Cold as Life flavored, Detroit style hardcore....and it's hard as fucking coffin nails. Some of my favorite tracks include "We Hate the World", "No Soul to Pray", and the updated version of the "Crew Song" that was originally done by Cold As Life. Like most other music today, you can find this on the internet, I would recommend buying it. Trust me, if it wasn't awesome I wouldn't tell you to go out and get it. I'm even more surprised that it came out two years ago in 2008, and NOONE has been talking about it at all. Go to their myspace and listen to "No Soul To Pray, and "We Hate the World".

H8 Inc. Myspace Page

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