Thursday, October 6, 2011

Scared Bros At a Haunted House

These are hidden camera shots from a haunted house called Nightmares Fear Factory in Niagara Falls, CA. It's pretty funny in the fact that these guys get all touchy-feely when scared out of their wits....their definition of bro is a bit liberal though IMO.....most of these peeps just look like normal high school/college students. For more funny pics, follow the link. I kinda forgot it was haunted house season to begin with for a minute there....gotta hit a couple up this year. Last couple years I haven't been doing much for halloween, ths year I'm making up for it by raging as hard a possible. Lots of good parties this month.


  1. Great pics, numbers! Hah. I feel the exact same way you do. Must rage hard next week. Are you ready?