Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fuck: The Saga Continues

So after getting thoroughly deep dicked by Stroger Hospital, now they're telling me I DON'T need surgery. I went to see another private doctor today to get a second opinion and he said at this point I should just leave it. It's not going to be perfect, but if they do surgery now they'd have to cut away all the new bone that's formed and that at thus point I should only get surgery unless I really have to. He told me I would have full function of my hand, but it won't be 100% like the left, more like 90% or 95%. if that's as good as it's gonna get, guess I'll just have to suck it up. So tired of dealing with all this shit.

My personal life hasn't been going the best either. I try not to post too much personal bs on here, because when you come here I want you to laugh and be entertained, not be bummed out by all the baggage I carry through life every day. I'm at the point now where I barely want to see or talk to anyone because I'm sick of fake friends and fake people in general. I've tried to give so much of myself to friends in the past. Picking them up from jail/the hospital countless times, giving them rides when they're stranded, backing them up in fights, or even fighting their own battles for them. If you're my friend I'm there for you if you need me 24/7. I've found that people forget things like that real fast, and when god forbid you need some help or some support, they conveniently back away and are nowhere to be found.

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