Saturday, March 5, 2011

Born This Way

You might be surprised to find I like Lady Gaga. Not "run out and buy the album immediately' like, but enough to where I'll blog about it. Being pretty much the #1 sensation in popular music at the moment, she just continues to blow up bigger and bigger which is cool because in this age of celebrity nobodies cashing in on their name or a relative's, she actually has talent. Watch this recent performance at The Grammys. No lip-synching (well, the chorus was pre-recorded but that's acceptable), great performance visually and aurally, with a solid new song called "Born This Way" making it's debut. I'm sure this single with its "be yourself no matter who or what you are" will serve to further ingratiate herself into the homosexual community of which a large part of her fan base is made up of.....this is kind of like the 2011 homo anthem (in a good way haha). One thing is for sure, I'll take Gaga over Kim Cardashian, Katy Perry and most other mindless celebutante drivel that happens to be popular this week.

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