Sunday, May 23, 2010

Free Bum Beer!

So after the Thought Crusade/Weekend Nachos show last night, me and my friend Bucky went to that combination hotdog/hamburger/falafel place down the street from The Beat Kitchen on Belmont. We both ordered Falafels and fries and sat down to wait for our order. I didn't notice at first, but right behind me there was some drunk dude passed out at the table. The staff tried to rouse him and finally got him awake....but began to have trouble getting him to leave. The bum started cussing out one of the employees and started to become belligerent. Bucky stepped up and tried to get the guy to chill out, which caused this guy to get up in Bucky's face and start to cuss him out too. By now I had had enough of this guy's shenanigans so I helped the employee push/drag this guy out of the premises. Normally I wouldn't have gotten involved, but he was up in my friend's face and I don't take kindly to that sort of thing. So anyway after dragging/pushing him out, this guy wants to throw down with me. I wanted to stick him in the face real bad, but this guy could barely stand and I'm not a total asshole/bully so I walked back inside to get my falafel.. He left 2 six packs of Natural Ice in the store which I taxed. Me and Bucky got our food and bailed out, I don't need to catch a case over some moron who can't handle his liquor. It's alright though, I can handle it for him. Cheers!

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